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Thread: Alter the lighting/colour of an home video clip?

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    Default Alter the lighting/colour of an home video clip?

    Hi everyone,

    I've captured an old VHS tape footage onto the PC, it is now sitting there in AVI format ready for me to edit.
    The clip that I have was filmed in a slightly yellowed light, is there any software that I can use to alter this to make it better?


    If you click on the following link you will see what I mean.

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    Most, if not all NLE appz have colour correction features.

    you will need to use this and maybe adjust the "brightness&contrast" also play with "colour curves"

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    You donít say which software youíre using. If you can adjust the primary colours (like you can with Premiere) your task is easier.

    Artificial light can give a yellow/orange tint. To reverse this, add in the complementary colour, blue. Just a little in mid-tones & highlights is usually enough to remove a yellow bias.

    If your program allows for warm/cool adjustment, just go for Ďcoolerí, and it should make a difference.

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    Default video too dark

    hi there iwas wondering if anybody coulod help me out i just videoed my mates band in a pub but the end video is too dark i have tried ligthening it up with moviemaker but it still too dark is there any cheap programme i can use to get it a lot lighter

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    Hi tim,

    Like mark says - most packages will do it. Premiere Elements will, but it depends how dark it is and the quality of your camcorder. If it's really really dark, you might be able to get the colours up, but it might look grainy. Not really much you can do about that. Give the demo edition of premiere elements a try and see how it works for you.

    It only costs about £40 from amazon to buy anyway.

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    Also, you could bump the brightness way up, move the contrast up about half this same value - to give a high-contrast effect. Itís used a lot in MTV.

    Try it, the band will think itís purpose-made special effect treatment, if you get it right. This could be just what youíre after.

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