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    Ok well I was going to convert some video's tonight BUT I think my camrecorder is on the way out as it was not showing anythink on the screen for three different tapes that I was sure there was footage on until tape number four then I got just audo for a bit then a very thick line of visual image then it started working and then as soon as it was 100% playing it went again.

    So now I'm after a replacement camera 4k would been nice

    what would you go for I'm not going down the avenue of a DSLR with video as in my opinion they are rubbish. Second hand is a good source this time of the year.
    so what would you replace it with. Main use would be holidays and a youtube woodworking channel I do have a s10 plus and a gopro camera (4k knock off)


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    Might be worth running a head cleaner through the Samsung.
    DSLRs for video have their limitations but they are certainly not rubbish.
    Camcorders also have their limitations.
    It's horses for courses. If you want to have great looking shots making use of different lenses and have the time to set them up (as well as the time to learn how to set them up) and don't need to record continually for hours (like stage productions/gigs/sporting events) the a DSLR can be an excellent choice. It might well be a good choice for your woodworking vids.

    However, if you want something you can get great looking shots out of the box (OK, maybe with a little practice), something you can grab and shoot with (like on holiday) then a camcorder is a good bet. In many case a phone might be an even better bet.

    Szie is also an issue. My two camcorders are fine but the smallest is really too large to take on holiday and draws attention. I keep wishing I had a palmcorder that I could wander around with. Then I might take some holiday footage.

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    Well thank you Tim thats food for thought I've just had a quick look at a Panasonic G7, and I must say it looks very interesting. More research I think I've also seen this quality of a youtube video filmed with it. I must say I'm quite surprised


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    G7 is great for the price, you should probably be able to pick one up at a bargain price if you're going the second hand route. Also there's a "hack" or actually more of a workaround for the video recording limit for that particular camera.

    If 4K is mostly on your wish-list for re-framing and you plan to export in HD then you could also go the very interesting way of the 360 camera. Personally I can say that the Insta360 ONE X lives up to its fame and can deliver a whole new videography experience. Nice and small for on holidays as well and you never miss something because it's happened outside your frame.
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    I have Besteker portable camcorder, in my opinion its best choice. My advice read this about What is the Best Camcorder for Youtube Videos? | Webproductradar article before you buy camera.
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    can you explain the workaround for the video recording limit. yep I've bought a Panasonic g7 also a Pentax k 70 don't ask me why but I first bought the Pentax k70 after losing a Panasonic on eBay but then a second G7 came up for sale and was relisted with a price drop but please don't tell the wife.
    anyway I'm looking to play with the two cameras at the weekend. the reason I went with the Pentax is I have a lot of lenses and most of them are fast glass.
    so equipment so far
    Samsung 10+ with gimbal
    Action Camera 4k
    Pentax k70
    Panasonic G7
    Still photos Pentax K3 with battery grip
    Digital voice recorder
    VXR10GY Universal cardioid Microphone
    two led light panels
    two large manfroto tripods plus a dual camera mounting bar think it holds up to three cameras so led panel camera led panel all off one tripod if needed
    lighting stands
    and a gorilla tripod

    and if needed Samsung handycam DVI
    battery's and extra battery's for all cameras and lighting remote shutter release for camera's

    Davinci Resolve 16 with a manual (book) NOT a pdf file manual I'm going to test set up in kitchen and make a small video of cooking. not sure what I'm going to cook yet but I need to better my dust control first the workshop before I even think of putting a camera in there


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    John thank you for the recormendation Amazon are currently out of stock but I think im all good for camera's

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    Quote Originally Posted by James Rugby View Post
    can you explain the workaround for the video recording limit.
    Hi James, congrats on the gear upgrade! Here's the first tutorial I could find:

    If this one doesn't do it for you just google G7 Unlimited Recording and you should get plenty of hits.

    Good luck & have fun!
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