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    My wife and my friends went to north Spain this summer. I finnaly found some time to make video.

    We've visited Bilbao, Gaztelugatxe, Picos de Europa, Playa de Las Catedrales, Playa del Silencio and Santander.

    Epic views, great food and great people! Enjoy the video and leave thubs up or comment if you like it.

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    Hi, just watched the video on youTube!, Great scenery, angles and camera skills, the music made it feel like a music video Ace!

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    Yes, I enjoyed this too. Some fo the images are fantastic. Some less so - they neither add to the imformation/story not convey any emotion.
    For example 1:45. Obviously you know there is not enough light in the shot and the resultant image is grainy, but we can't even make out the faces. It may be this means something special to you - in which case fine, but understand that detracts from teh film for the casual observer.

    There are several shots of people's backs. These are of no interest unless they serve a purpose - drawing our attention to a destination or an object in the distance. Shots looking towards something can work , but we have a couple here (1:55, 1:57) where it's too dark.

    1:35 is a potentially great shot of your wife (?) just enjoying being in the street, but spoiled by the fact we can't realy see her.

    Presumably the stylised grainy old footage shots in some cases hide the graininess of the actual shots. Whilst I can see no real justification/motivation for this effect I must admit I quite liked it - particularly when used on the bus/underground for some reason -although it was perhaps a little overused.

    But there is a great variety of shots - subject matter, wide, close up, mid, aerial and none felt overused to me. You edited them together well with enogh variety to keep the interest but enough consistency that it felt like it told a story. (I forgot to mention the fantastic opening).

    A good film which could have been great if you'd been a little more harsh in your rejection of sub-par material.

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