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Thread: Inside of old Turkish hammam in village of pomaks at Greece with a7iii

  1. Default Inside of old Turkish hammam in village of pomaks at Greece with a7iii

    Good evening to all of you!!
    All video and photos made with a7iii and Tamron 28 75 2.8
    Of course the noise inside of dark hammam are visible
    and believe me the hot water steams are worst enemy than dark!
    This video its a trip with car at north Greece at Thraki mountains
    area that is full of villages with pomaks residents.
    There are many old traditional hammam baths
    here and there that some of those looks abandoned
    but there not..
    So we get there and we make a bath in a place
    with no electricity into the night..
    So if anyone have some tips to reduce noise at this so difficult environment please tell..

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    Things I can think of to reduce noise:
    Carry a few portable light panels to add more light to the scene. You can always make it darker in post without introducing noise but the other way around proves tricky as you've seen.
    If I recall correctly you can set a max ISO in the SONY which I would probably set to 6400.
    Shoot in LOG for the darker scenes. I know it makes post production slower but it can help.
    Use a denoiser. My preferred one is the one from Neat Video because of its sheer ease of use and the quality it delivers. (Also it's quite affordable) There's several others though. It may make the video look blurry on shots with heavy noise but especially in a dark humid environment like those baths I'd expect that you can easily get away with that.
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