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Thread: Making videos with multiple picture in picture. How to?

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    [QUOTE=bouldersoundguy;227505]There may be webcast software that can do this, which would be fine. Doing it in post would mean more work, but you'd never forget to switch the view (though you might forget to start a camera instead).[/QUOT
    Yes, I have been looking at OBS Studio which is what the guy is using in the videos I posted here. It will clearly do what I need.

    I'm thinking now of Using a HDMI capture card with three HDMI cameras, one over my workbench, one on my microscope and one on my BGA workbench.

    Then use a HDMI video switch to select which is connected to the capture card at any time

    For the face cam and the test equipment inserts I think i could use several cheap webcams

    OBS can also capture from a window, for example web browser, or for that matter from the HDMI output on another computers graphics card where I could draw away in CAD software, browse datasheets or whatever else I wanted to help with the tutorials. Also OBS is free

    So for that I would need the following:

    2x HDMI cameras - with variable zoom and autofocus. Would something like these inexpensive 'Sports Cams' do the job or would they be too wide angle for my purpose?
    or this

    If they don't have variable zoom maybe I could just mount the cameras on some sort of telescopic pole so I could move it closer to the workbench, or further away as required

    4x USB webcams

    1x HDMI Capture card
    something like this?

    1x HDMI switch - maybe a 6x2 HDMI matrix switch like this one would give me as much flexibility as I would ever need?

    various HDMI and USB extension cables

    Headset Microphone

    1x PC fast enough to do the video capture - I have several, the fastest one I have at the moment is an i7-2600K with GTX 750ti. Is that good enough or is it overkill? The fastest one at the workshop an i3 4xxx. Whatever I need I can get.

    The whole budget for that shopping list is about £100-£150 assuming i can use one of my existing PCs. This is well in budget, In fact it is considerably less than I expected.

    Would that do the job?

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    Be wary. In my experience switching HDMI is far from instantaneous (usually 3-4 seconds negotiation)

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    Yes, there's a world of difference between a live production switcher and a simple source selector switch. The receiving device will have to reestablish connection to the incoming signal. Renegotiation is a great word for that.

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