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Thread: Proxy footage: low bitrate, low resolution or both?

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    Default Proxy footage: low bitrate, low resolution or both?

    Hi guys, so the title really says it all. I've got to send someone in the middle of nowhere around 400gb of project files to do some shot selecting. Now I usually drop the resolution to something like 720p h264 and also the bitrate a little, like maybe to 5Mbps. Now I just stumbled upon someone that keeps the res at 1080p but instead sets the bitrate to just 2Mbit which shrinks the filesize to around 10% of the original.

    Of course I'll test this as well but does anyone here happen to know by heart what the "best practice" is in this case?

    [update] I went with 2Mbps and up to HD it's acceptable but 4K really suffers when you don't adapt the resolution
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