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    ok im using adobe premiere pro, and i just got finished making my video, how do convert the video to another type of file so that other programs can use it, everytime i save it in premiere pro it saves as ppj, or propj or something like that how do i convert to mpg, avi etc, whenever i try to watch it in windows media player or realplayer it doesnt work help....

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    ok i got i exported the movie,plays in windows media player, but during the end it lost sound, how do i get it back, during the video theres a popping noise????

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    The original question would fit under the category of RTFM but as you already got there yourself and have performed an export I'll chip in.

    Does your movie play all right in the previewing inside Premiere pro? if so then I suggest you try to export it again. Maybe in a different format. you never mentioned what your ultimate delivery platform/format is intended to be so try a few and see if any of them are ok.

    What is the spec of your PC? This could well be the biggest contributing factor to your bad export from premiere pro. maybe the hdd is not fast enough or you have not defragged your drive recently or you had too many other apps open during the export ect etc.


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