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Thread: Inside of an abandoned hospital ,sanatorio, at Greece with sony a7iii

  1. Default Inside of an abandoned hospital ,sanatorio, at Greece with sony a7iii

    hello to everybody!
    this is a video from an abandoned hospital at Kavala city in Greece
    Its closed since 2010 and was build at 1920.
    enjoy some scenes of this creepy , dirty place.

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    The piece has potential but needs shortening. Learn to only use your very best clips and cut the lenth down to max two minutes OR change the whole thing with a naration walking us through the old building. Explain what we are seeing, why is it significant etc.

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    nice place! the track sounds nice and get a very good vibe with the video. maybe as @midnight blue says you need to focus an a narrative story.

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    thanks for coments !! i see what i can do at next one !!

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    The thing is .... buidings are static. And video is a medium which requires movement. With a static subject you can introduce movement by moving the camera, as you have done here, but really the movement neds to be super slick (on a dolly/slider) in a way that it wouldn't were you following a moving subject. My attitude to films of buildings is they should always be shown being used - feet walking up steps, doors being opened etc. in your example here you could have someone walking through teh building exploring it.
    this would also add to the narrative. Otherwise you migt as well have a slideshow, where people can pause and examine the shots in detail at their own pace.

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    Nice choice of a soundtrack, very atmospheric.

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