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Thread: 'The last vestiges of hope' ambient video

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    Quote Originally Posted by zamiotana View Post
    Plus it was tubular bells for me - my age I mean
    Thanks for the reminder, after TB he hid away on Bradnor Hill, Nr Kington, in Herefordshire, looking south from there is Hergest Ridge, his next album. The area including the Ridge is owned in feudel fashion by the Banks family (yes he of Capt Cook and The Endeavour) we stayed at a cabin on the estate over looking Hergest Croft arboretum. Just up the track is the Ridge and I walked around the area most evenings with my camera. This was taken on the Ridge a mile or so away from the cabin,


    Cheers - J

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    I'm guessing this video is more about the music than the visuals. I agree with Tim that having moving images rather than stills would have created more interest. I recently made a video by just using some stock footage and blending them together to add to some music I made. If you only have stills you could try using a different transition from a simple fade to a fade though luminance or similar. I liked the sounds you made but as a stand alone piece music should have the same elements of a good video. IE a beginning middle and an end. I understand it is Ambient but still think it would help to hold interest with some sort of narrative.

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    Very cool track and nice video! very impressive textures

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    Hello MB,

    I do say this with the greatest respect, your initial supposition is entirely incorrect. The original video with a male figure was made in 2016 in response to an art call from the Video Dance Centre of Burgundy, curated by Marisa Hayes and Franck Buleque, it was their video of the week and is in their permanent collection. Also screened in Windsor and New Jersey.

    The original sound track was made using a homemade standalone version of Rob Hordijk's Benjolin and edited in Audacity. When I made this latest version using Kay's images I'd found Rob Jackson's iPad app Moodscaper quite by accident on YouTube. Sadly the rest of your words follow the same pattern.

    I do realise that you were expressing your opinion amd I do thank you for the opportunity to explain.

    Hello Mebitek,

    Thanks for your kind comment I'm so pleased that you were able to enjoy it.

    Cheers - J
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    I stand corrected. High art is high art and very subjective, I'm pleased that you have received some form of recognition for your work.

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    Hello MB,

    Many thanks for your supportive comment I'm grateful to you and feel that I must offer some further explanation.

    In 1998 I came across the digital art montage work of Catherine McIntyre and to put it mildly I was impressed with what she had done using Ps6. I tried to emulate what she'd done and for 13 years I failed miserably, my fear and prevarication overcame my attempts to make anything. Catherine had helped me with the very basics of cutting out and blending and said that I would find the tools to do things as and when I wanted them.

    In 2011 I threw everything photographic to one side determined to teach myself how to. For 50 years I'd made single self contained photographs and had the ingrained mind set to make such images. I went to flea markets and asked the stall holders if I could photograph stuff on their stalls. I went around industrial estates and scrap yards looking for odds and ends at the back and in rusty corners.

    After two years I got a message from Catherine saying that I was beginning to look into myself for inspiration she finished the message with this; " .... what a brilliant thing it is, an artistic development - it's the best thing one can possibly do with one's time, imho! Enjoy!" I treasure these words.

    By 2015 I began to realise that the montages I was creating were single images in themselves. I found some CSS code to do a before and after, that was OK for awhile, and then I thought of video software and found my way to WMM6, I use Cyberlink PD14 now which is a bit like Ps with layers and masks.

    But so far the above is about software which once learnt is a about 5% of what I do and I'm sure that applies to you. It's just that we approach similar things from entirely differing points of view and both with equal merit and a strong feeling of inner worth.

    Cheers - J

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