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Thread: Do I need a 4k monitor to edit 4k videos?

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    Default Do I need a 4k monitor to edit 4k videos?

    Hey folks,
    just a couple of months ago, I bought a GoPro 7...
    I was quite happy until I recognized that my hardware was way too weak to edit the GoPro output (4k 60 fps).
    Hence, I leveled up my PC hardware components to finally be ready for editing.
    There's only one final question from my side:

    Do I need a 4k monitor as well to be able to edit the 4k videos, or is my Full HD monitor good enough for editing.
    At least I would like to watch the 4k videos on my UHD TV, but there's no need to watch them on my PC.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    It rather depends on what you mean by "good enough".
    If you accept that you will at best see 1/4 of the full image when looking for pixel accurate image work (like the effects of blurs, keying, sharpening etc) the it will be fine OR the full image as well, just in a lower resolution and will (probably) keep swapping between these views, then it will be fine.
    If your editing is basically arranging shots on a timeline without any enhancing of the images, an HD monitor will be fine.

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