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Thread: [HELP] How Can I Create These Effects (Highlighting Effect and more) in Premier Pro?

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    Post [HELP] How Can I Create These Effects (Highlighting Effect and more) in Premier Pro?

    Hey guys,

    I'm new around these parts and I'm looking to get into video editing. Specifically I want to make YouTube videos related health and fitness and have some research I want to cite in my videos. However I have a BIG PROBLEM... I am a complete noob when it comes to video editing. I currently have a DSLR and Adobe Premiere Pro, but don't know how to use them.

    Jeff Nippard makes awesome fitness videos and there are a few video editing techniques that he uses that I would love to use in my videos.

    I want help in learning how to create some of the effects that he uses in this video:

    Below you can see a list of timestamps and techniques that he uses in this video, if anyone could link me to a video tutorial that would help me learn how to create these effects then I would really appreciate it:

    0:28 - How do I set up my DSLR so that my face is in focus but other things are blurred out? Like here the focus is on Jeff, but the macbook in front of him is a bit blurry and so is the plant and everything else behind him. Is this is as simple as leaving this to the auto-focus feature? I have tried taking videos before but have never had any luck with this. Is this something I need to do in premier pro or is done with the DSLR itself?

    0:33 - I want to know how to get that image of the paper to run up from the bottom of the screen to the top.

    0:36 - I want to know how to highlight text like that

    0:41 - I want to know how to zoom in on a paper like this

    1:32 - How can I get a list to come in from the side like this?

    1:42 - How can I get text some text animation like this? I like how it stretches across the bottom of the screen, how the letters move into place, and how the number 1 moves to be just a little higher than the rest of the text

    1:47 - How can I get the text to go away in reverse like this?

    1:50 - How do I get text with a solid background to pop up form the bottom of the screen? I am a complete novice, but I do know how to create a text box and add in keyframes to make it move into the frame, but how do I get the solid background like this?

    1:53 - A similar question to 0:33 but how do I get a paper to scroll across the screen like this?

    1:55 - How do I get a portion of some text to come into view like this while blurring out the background? I like the shadow it has too. And again I want to know how to get the highlighting effect.

    2:20 - Starting at this time there is lots of text listing the names of exercises and when a new one pops up you hear a clicking sound. I love this and want to know how I can do the same.

    2:24 - How do I create that zoom out effect and how can I create a similar animation that is used for the "Technique Tuesday" part of this video?

    2:28 - How can I get two separate videos in the same frame like this?

    2:30 - Another example of transitioning to the paper and highlighting the text (same deal as with 0:33, 0:36, and 1:53)

    2:36 - How do I get an arc to animate across the screen like this?

    2:58 - Similar to my question at 2:28, how do I get two videos in the same frame? This there a different technique used here compared to the one used at 2:28?

    3:10 - How can I get some audio effect animation like you see here in the lower right hand corner? Seen again at 3:44, 5:00

    5:49 - How do I get different screenshot to pop into frame and grow from small to big like this? Similar to 1:55

    7:48 - Another example of paper scrolling and text highlighting

    I realize there is a lot of redundancy here, but figure the more examples I could give of the things I want to learn, the better. Again, I would prefer if anyone could link me to a tutorial for any or all of these. Since I'm so new it would probably be hard for me to understand a written explanation since I'm not very familiar with the premiere pro software or the DSLR hardware. Thank you very much in advance!


    Can you please link me a tutorial so I can learn how to create the effect at the specified timestamps using premier pro?

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    Hi Tak and welcome.
    Wow! That's a lot of asks.

    It's a bit like like asking on a forum how to drive a car. You've made some progress in that you have at least broken the task down into lts of identifiable tasks. (How do i start the engine? How do I fasten the seat belt? How do I change gear? How do I turn right? How do I turn left (is this similar to turning right)?

    As you can imagine it is highly ulikemly anyone has time enough on their hands to answer all of these. It's not a lack of willingness, rather the fact it's a somewhat daunting list and the information is probably alreday out there.

    What I suggest you do is exactly what you have asked here, but Google it adding in the crucial words "tutorial" and "Premiere"

    For example: "Highlight text effect premiere tutorial" threw up several suggestions which look workable (I don't use Premiere sow how good they are I cannot tell).

    Mostly you should be able to learn from the tutorials and work out how to adjust to suit your particular need. There may well be some where you cannot find a solution and that is when to ask the question here - show what you're trying to achieve, show the tutorials you've tried, exlain what you want that is different or where you get stuck and I'm sure people here will be able to help.

    If, on the other hand, you just want to produce the video and aren't really interested in investing the time required to learn how to do it, team up wth someone who already has the skills in order to produce the video.

    But just to get you strated - the focus thing you refer to in point 1 - you'll need the jargon - it's referred to as "shallow depth of field". Generally this is done in camera, but you can fake it to some extent in post.
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