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Thread: davinci resolve performance??

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    Quote Originally Posted by JemRaid View Post
    Hello all,

    Because I read this thread I had a go with Resolve and found it a bit like The Gimp ... bloatware.
    I use Cyberlink PD14 (40) which I've never had a problem with. Free trials on their site.
    Well yeah but that's like comparing a lorry to a van. Though sharing more or less the same purpose, they serve a different audience.
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    Hello Grapes,

    Your analogy is exact,
    Lorry = 5 miles a fortnight (which is what posters above are experiencing)
    Van = a speedy delivery

    Does one really need Hollywood capable software for home videos?
    I have found that PD14 has the tools to do anything I want and in that respect it's a lot like Photoshop

    Cheers - J

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    Quote Originally Posted by JemRaid View Post
    Does one really need Hollywood capable software for home videos?
    Well maybe the OP has, or aspires to have, a professional business and if so he/she could benefit from Resolve's capabilities. If you take the users workstation specs into consideration this might just be the case and in any way it should theoretically run fine on that machine.
    Look I might be wrong but as far as I can tell this thread is about slow performance with Resolve on a system that should be able to run Resolve without troubles. What I see is a question about possible reasons why Resolve doesn't work the way it should work. What I do not see is a question about alternative editors.

    Perhaps the user asked the wrong question and in fact did mean to ask "what editor would you recommend?" but let's make the world easy and just answer the question asked and not interpret and extrapolate the question.
    The cats are watching us...

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    Hi All, Thanks for all the replies and sorry for not answering earlier, been very busy.

    No, I'm not a professional and do not aspire to being one.

    I had the oppotunity to buy a serious PC from my work for a good price, and as my son is a gamer this is what I did. I choose resolve because I had a to choose one package to learn and I liked the tutorials I saw, the fact that it's free, and I was curious about colour grading.

    Anyway, small update; Resolve got slower and slower, I found that, with only 3 projects in my 1Tb drive which are a 10-20 minutes each, Resolve managed to fill up 50% of my new 1 TB drive...

    eh.. So I deleted everything and reinstalled Resolve, things got worse, sometimes Resolve did not even boot or took 20 minutes to boot.

    I decided to clear both hard drives, reinstall windows 10, and re-installed resolve. No it's working like a charm....
    No idea what was wrong.

    Many thanks again. now playing around with colouring. It's great fun, but hard

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