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Thread: How to remove object from video

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    Question How to remove object from video

    Hi! How can I remove an object from my video? Any tips on what tool you used and how long it took?


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    This depends on so many factors. Whether you have an image of the area covered by the objecvt without the object in (ie what's behind the object), whether the camera is moving. whether the background is moving,how long the clip is ....

    Can you show us the footage?

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    I'm going to be really useless and say that I generally use my hands to move the object out of the way before I press record. Oh and just taping over stuff generally does the trick. Now if you're really crafty you can record with a tripod and just remove the object from the video then later cut the bit out where you are walking through the shot and it will be like it magically vanishes

    I bet this was not the answer you where looking for though...
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    Hello LondonKat,

    Interesting question I think you could introduce a mask and some layers below the time line and then have something else visible in the frame that covers the unwanted area.

    Here's an example of an addition

    Hope this will be of some help, if you would like to see a screen shot of the layers I can post one here.

    Cheers - J

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