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Thread: Latest Video on Biking in Bali

  1. Cool Latest Video on Biking in Bali

    Been awhile since I've posted on here. I'm curious what your feelings and thoughts are on this video. Is the start too long before we get into the meat of the story. Tried to create some emotion as well. Anyways let me know.

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    I didn't find the intro too long. It follows the style of many TV documentaries nowadays - a few snapshots of highlights to try to catch the viewer's attention. Works well, I think. The "Saying goodbye to Australia ..." was perhaps spoken a bit too fast.
    Showing your real world problem with getting hold of money added a diferent dimension to the film and really drew me in; we can't all experience Bali, but we've all experienced frustration at not being able to get hold of money (or somethimg else) when we need it and this helps us relate to your situation.
    Generally the mix of impression and facts feels right. The speeding up/slowing down of footage works well.
    I do feel there is too much of the helmetcam/travel footage. It's effective, but in these shots we can't really take anything in other than roads/traffic so it loses it's effect quite quickly. It doesn't work well as a breathing space (as you are aware, a film needs some space between episodes) because it is so frenetic. Calmer shots might work better in this regard.
    But I'm being picky.

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    Again thank you for your constructive criticism. You always point out things that I'm beginning to notice on my own unlike earlier in my video making. I guess I must be paying attention and learning a bit lol.

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