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Thread: small video with a7iii from thermal springs in pomaks village Greece

  1. Default small video with a7iii from thermal springs in pomaks village Greece

    hello to everybody!
    one taste of thermal springs bath from village that is pomaks village at Greece.

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    the video quality is crisp. some great shots in there, really liked the two guys a 2:27

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    I liked the idea of starting with you arriving at the place and ending with the same shot but with you leaving. What didn't work so well for me was the first shot you ar parked up in the frame then this cuts to the same shot without you in the frame (and then you enter into it). The opening shot only serves to confuse. It's also not level and, given the cropped aspect ratio (I presume that wasnt done with an namophic lens) it would have been a simple task to rectify this in post without having to crop in very much at all.
    I liked the shots of the old men, but holding the shots for so long began to make me feel very uncomfortable, very voyeuristic.
    Again for me the music felt wrong. You're in Greece, but the music has a distincly North African or Middle Eastern feel.
    I would have liked a bit of information about the spring and in particular the building - what it was/is used for, when it was built, but then that's not really the sort of film you've made her.

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    To add to what Tim says I felt that overall the clips lasted a bit to long to keep my attention. There were a few "rules" broken and I've briefly highlight a few below (and for balance highlighted a few good shots).

    0:00 (opening shot) - As Tim says, the horizon doesn't seem to be straight (the lamppost and buildings are leaning to the right)
    0:09 - As Tim says, the jump cut doesn't work
    0:18 - This seems to be graded differently to the earlier clips and in general the clips in this sequence last a bit too long with no movement
    0:31 - It tends to look odd when you cut the legs are cut off people. Better to get the whole body in.
    0:34 - Really like this, but the next clip isn't in focus, is it?
    2:39 - Great shot!

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