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Thread: Can I use Adobe Premiere Pro on my computer ?

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    Question Can I use Adobe Premiere Pro on my computer ?

    Hi guys I had previous experience in video editing, I have worked on Sony Vegas
    But when I tried working on Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 it was somehow slow,
    And I don't know if the problem is in my computer specifications or if I was supposed to change some settings Inside the program to make it work better
    Should I use a lower version?

    My Computer specifications :

    Graphics card -
    Display :
    Render :

    I hope you can tell me what I should do to use Adobe Premiere well, and can I use Adobe After Effects on those specifications?
    And tell me how to make sure if I use the card of the highest specifications in the program

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    At first glance I think it should work. It might be that premiere is a bit heavier on the load but there's loads of tweaks you can do. Main ones: If your performance seems slow you could try working with proxies, set the correct memory settings and basically all the other tweaks you can find when you search for "optimise premiere performance".

    Make sure you have enough disk space, preferably install on an SSD and put your scratch disks on a different drive than your operating system. One with plenty of free space.

    For After Effects just follow the same principles. After Effects should run fine but you will struggle with more complex compositions, intense effects and high composition resolutions.

    One last thing: I'd stay away from 4K and if you must, use proxies. Do mind that proxies don't always work with all effects etc. For example the warp stabiliser needs to run on the original files which would likely be really slow with a 4K file.
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    Sir is it better to use an older version of Adobe Premiere , or use a proxies on the latest version?

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    Better is relative. Adobe has a habit of releasing their latest software with loads of bugs so in general it's safe to stay one version behind. I doubt however that it will matter very much if you use an older version in terms of speed but it might and since I can't tell for sure you might be better of simply trying it out.
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    Thank you very much <3

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    Those are pretty much the specs of my laptop. I don't use Premiere and don't remember if I've edited video on it, but it's not a slow computer. I use it for Photo editing of RAW images without any issues.

    I would test the computer for malware just to be sure

    if you have something bad, there's a good chance one of those 2 will catch it. As a bonus, you can have both installed at the same time, they are compatible.

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