I am adrone photographer from Norway. I realized that I need some good editing toolfor my videoes, I work with Phantom 4 pro+ and Mavic 2 pro. Primary i wouldlike to edit short videos for Instagram (10-40 seconds), but also longer videoswould be great to be able to edit.
What wouldbe really nice for me is to edit my videos on the phone (iPhone Xs 64 GB). I seensome possibilities with transferring from the micro SD card to a external harddrive and then wireless transfer to the iPhone. It would be great to edit onthe phone, and don’t have the need for a computer when travelling.
Im consideringthe Gnarbox 2.0 and the WD passport wireless Pro. The Gnarbox is quiteexpensive, and don’t have so much memory space. I guess the good thing that I apricateis the quality of the harddrive, that you don’t need to transfer everything tothe phone and then start editing (only the clips you want to add in the videois transferred to the phone) and the connection it has with Lumafusion.

Im reallynot in to this, but my questions are:
- Isthere any other “problem” with the WD vs Gnarbox then that you don’t need totransfer all the material before editing. Can the WD work just as fine withLumafusion in IOS if you have space in your iPhone?
- IsLumafusion the best alternative for video editing on a IOS device?
- Willmy iPhone XS manage to edit videos filmed in 4k?

I guess if Iwould buy a Gnarbox I would still need a other external hard drive to store myvideos.

Thank you!