UK based. new to the world of 4K video and editing it, have done one final video edit in PremierePro PAL SD 25fps I recall. This time I am using Vegas Movie Studio 16 Platinum or DaVinci Resolve, whichever I find best in my trials.

One needs to set up the project settings first taking into account clips being used and desired end result.

Q1. Now to my big question...what project settings should I select in e.g. Vegas Movie Studio 16 Platinum or DaVinci Resolve when using my camcorder 4k clips if intending to create movies to play on the PC and perhaps via PC to HD tv ?

My 4K camcorder is the sony ax100E and its set to film in 4K. the only setting it offers is 25p and its set to 60Mbps. (it has an option for 100Mbps)..

Q2. Please advise is 60 ok or is 100 a must use ?

I do find this camcorder when panning is jittery, is that the 25fps at fault, its all it offers for 4K.

Q3. Could I improve the jitters with e.g. 50fps project settings ? or maybe an fx applied. ?

I have a HD monitor and although being told waste of time filming in 4k as you wont see a difference, WRONG its visible and wow !..so I am filming in 4K !!!!
My intent is to play the final edited 4K movies on the monitor. That avoids burning to bluray optical disc.

However I can burn bluray with one of my two optical drives and I have a bluray player and burner in the form of my panasonic DMR HDD recorder player. I will I hope soon have a full HD progressive TV. I can feed video to via HDMI. I wonder if like the monitor I will see a difference if its fed 4K. if so I will want to play some of my edited footage to that TV.

Q4. I wonder if a hdmi cable from a laptop to it could do that. ?

Q1 again.anyhow back to my quest, what settings should my project have for the above intentions ? I see mention of 60fps but surely my 25fps would play far slower ? Tyhe one prog if not both has an input fps and an output fps just to add to my confusion.