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Thread: Ghost Towns & Mines: Lambertucci Ranch, NV 2019

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    Default Ghost Towns & Mines: Lambertucci Ranch, NV 2019

    Lately I've been working on videos from my 2019 trip to explore old mines, ghost towns, and other historic sites in Nevada and the Mojave desert. Here's one of the videos I recently finished:

    This video features the abandoned Lambertucci Roma Ranch in Nevada. This historical site contains many interesting buildings and ruins that are over 100 years old.

    “Magical Guitar” and "Charming Guitar" by GavinJack
    Licensed by AudioJungle

    Sound FX:
    "Chicken Coop" by Almira23
    Licensed by AudioJungle

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    Awesome stuff!

    A few things felt a bit odd to me, mostly the sudden end right after the petrol station and the horned lizard.
    I suspect the mentioning of the petrol station would have fitted better in somewhere at the beginning.
    The lizard seems to come out of nowhere and is, just like the owls, not really related to the story. Somehow the owls didn't feel as out of the blue as the lizard though.

    I bet if you just include a short shot of the lizard without actually mentioning it would feel better (to me at least). If you would make that adjustment you might as well do the same for the owls.

    Alternatively you could try weaving them into the story a bit more, e.g. by saying something like:
    "in abandoned structures one can often find interesting wildlife like these beautiful owls and this horned lizard".

    That way they serve a bit more purpose to the whole I suspect.

    I like the font and orange yellow text colouring you chose right at the start, it really fits. Oh one thing I noticed was that the orbits around the structures aren't always smooth and in some places you could have cut a bit sooner. I suspect you're orbiting manually without any software assistance? In that case you're already doing a great job and I'd say just keep doing it and it'll all smooth out eventually
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    Thanks for the helpful comments!

    I struggled a bit with the lizard shot. It was such a cool thing to see, I wanted to include it, but didn't have much footage related to it.

    You're right about the orbiting shots, those were done manually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Dunakin View Post
    I struggled a bit with the lizard shot. It was such a cool thing to see, I wanted to include it, but didn't have much footage related to it.
    Yep I can totally understand especially since you're Screaming Lizard Productions! With a name like that you're basically obliged to include it.
    Well like I suggested, if you don't have relating shots it's sometimes possible to weave it into the narration so it fits the story. Otherwise, just bin it... There's often a lot of beautiful shots that don't make the cut for one reason or another :/

    You can always consider putting it up as stock footage.
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    Great Stuff Ray,
    You produce better videos every time. Well liked.

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    Funnily enough this didn't grab me as much as others. The titles looked good. The images are very clear and well exposed. It was well structured, taking the vintage photo as the cue for the journey. As usual, it's an inteligent, informative voice-ocver narrated well.
    Yet, it didn't feel to me to flow as well as some of your others. I think it must nbe in the editing and possibly some of the composition. I dislike still images in a video (unless they are vintage or something impossible to have grabbed in video). These bring the film to a sudden halt - as well as have a different quality. And shots don't always feel connected - yes it's important to give different perspectives but ..
    Take a look at the sequence beginning at 2:23

    First shot is a smooth drone heading over the building, then we get a rather abrupt change in direction and the drone drops - but the change in movement is not motivated by anything in the image - neither the ovement of something, nor the "lines" of the building (or anything else), then the shot seems to cut just as it's about to move again (there's an almost imperceptible judder just before the cut).
    The you cut to a still image looking slightly up at the building from the opposite front corner. You add movement in post , but is still looks like a very different image. The sky in this is a fairly vivid blue whereas the previosu shot was almost all cloud. Shadows are harsher. It just "feels" wrong, like you've jumped to a different building.
    The shot at 3:21 feels as if it's been cut before the drone shot has completed its move.
    3:30 starts well enough but composition drifts.
    The shot at 3:40 has the drone pulling back to reveal the largest building in perfect timing with the voice-over. It's a great shot - a great moment in the film, but it's begins not so well at 3:36 with a pan before the change in direction which is the reveal.

    These are all nit-picking, but I'm trying to identify what made this film less satisfying than some of your others..

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    Thanks guys!

    Great insights, Tim! I will try to keep them in mind for the future.

    BTW, I had some trouble shooting this one... For one thing, the sun kept ducking in and out of the clouds. Every time I'd get the camera set up for sunlight and start to shoot, suddenly I'd lose the light. And vice versa -- when I got it adjusted for the shade, then the sun would come out. Very annoying to say the least! Secondly I had shot some stuff during my first visit to the site last year, under very different conditions.

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