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    please I need an advice, if I should buy a new laptop for 1080p (70%) 4K(30%) video editing in FCPX, premiere Pro and motion in after effects.

    I am using this macbook now Macbook pro 13 256GB 2016 and editing is very slow in Premiere Pro, now I am in US for summer and I foung a deal on latest Macbook Pro 15 for 2000usd. In my country I can sell my old laptop for 1000usd. So the investment is 1000 USD.

    I need to be mobile with editing so I prefer laptop.. So I need advice if its worth to buy a new one right now or you thing that buying new device will not make big difference.

    Thank you so much

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    It will make a difference.
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    I recently crossed over from Macbook's mostly because of its slow capability to playback drone footage and editing 4k footage. Also Premiere pro seems to work more flawlessly with a PC and you get more bang for your buck. For less than a Macbook at 1700 I purchased a Dell XPS 15 9570 got 1Tb of HD space a better graphics card 1050Ti, 16GB of Ram with a 4K Touchscreen and my 4k footage has never lagged in premiere pro even with color grade and effects on them. A power monster. I would go with PC because MACS are behind in there processors and the prices are a rip off in my opinion

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    Yes in general you do get more bang for your buck buying a non-apple product. Though not many apple users will be happy to make the transfer often for their own valid reasons. One of the main reasons I hear is that they are used to the Mac OS and don't know that this is possible to install a Mac OS on a non apple system or how to achieve this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jonasas View Post I am in US for summer and I foung a deal on latest Macbook Pro 15 for 2000usd....
    That model has this:
    Radeon Pro 555X graphics with 4GB of video memory

    From my experience 4GB of video memory will give you quite a lot of "Out of video memory" and "Render failed" errors / crashes in Premiere Pro once you add FX, transitions and a grade.
    Also - from a Price to Performance standpoint Apple is the worst. A PC laptop has much better performance for the $, however i understand the addiction / dependence to the Apple Eco System and inability to move away from it. Apple is squeezing down on this more and more to keep current customers in check and making sure they can never leave.
    Not an eco system i would willingly step in to to be honest.

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