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Thread: GoPro: A Day In Odense City

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    This is a video which appears to be designed to show off your video editing (and, to a lesser extent camera skills) rather than tell us anything about your day in Odense. Indeed it is 1:13 (more than half way through the film) before we see anything which might be considered particularly Danish - and then a lot of shots suffer from poor fish-eye - not so bad on static shots but where you move the camera/angle it begins to induce motion-sickness.

    I learned nothing about the city from this video other than there being some connection (unexplained) with Hans Chistian Andersen.

    The intro quote is (a) too small for where most people will read this and (b) not held on screen for long engough. A good rule of thuumb is to keep it visible for 1.5 x the time it takes to read out loud.

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