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Thread: How do I make individual letters shake?

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    Question How do I make individual letters shake?

    Hello, I'm new to editing so sorry if this is really obvious! I also tried posting a similar question thread but it's not showing up. If it shows up randomly later I'll try to delete it.

    Anyway, I'll looking to make text move similarly to the text in this video (don't mind the music):

    The individual letters seem to shake and change size. I've only been able to get the entire word to shake :(

    Any other text advice will also be appreciated!

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    What software are you using?

    That looks more like something you'd do with animation software rather than a conventional editor.

    This video seems to address your question:

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    Thanks for your solution.I was also trying to do this but not getting any idea to do that. But this read helps me to solve my problem
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