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    Hello everyone! Criticize my first video. Explain my mistakes to me. Advise what to do better next time. Thank you all so much for the help!

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    Hi Yancher, and welcome.
    First things first - mistakes are only mistakes if you intended to do one thing but did another - in other words you'd already know about them

    Okay - a few things stood out for me.
    It was generally filmed adequately as far as exposure/focus was concerned (not brilliantly - there were a few places where your hands were lit almost to the point of over exposure, but the subject - the model - was rather under lit.

    I don't know who your audience is. As someone who occasionally has to disassemble and then re-assemble computers (laptops can be tricky buggers) I regularly rely on videos of others doing the same. those that work are those which show different angles and close up detail of tricky operations - I don't see any of this here so I'm guessing it's not a "how to" video.

    On the other hand, with it all shot from one angle - even with the sped up bits and the before/after shots (possibly the most interesting part) - it's not really a creative video. Furthermore, as it's just assembling parts from a kit, it's no like one of those videos which show a craftsman's skills.

    I'm really rather stuck as to the purpose of this video and seeing what the difference is betwen this and. for example, a video of someone doing a jigsaw. Who do you see as the audience? This is a genuine question - there may well be a massive audience - the same way that unbelieveably there are (paying) audiences for people playing computer simulations of real world games (but at least there I can see there's some sensce of excitement/anticipation)

    I thought the intro was brilliant! Did you do that yourself? By far the best part of the video for me - do do a graphic animation for the board which is eventually used in the construction.

    I quite liked the music which seemed appropriate, but where it started and stopped (ie changed track) was simply where the tracks ran out. Try to make these motivated so when the music comes to a stop, we also see a clear ending to a secton of the video.

    Enough for now.

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    As Tim has pointed out, the purpose of this video is unclear. It is so niche that it begs the question why have you gone to the trouble of producing it. Adding narration direction would have helped significantly in having people follow what you're doing.
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