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Thread: Should YouTube Ban The Bible? A discussion about the YouTube Community Guidelines

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    Default Should YouTube Ban The Bible? A discussion about the YouTube Community Guidelines

    Should YouTube Ban The Bible?
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    As of right now the YouTube Community Guidelines are written in such a way where pretty much anyone can be kicked off the platform at YouTube's own discretion. YouTube is now purging and black listing those whose opinion it does not agree with. However right now the Bible is violating YouTube's community guidelines. Will the Bible be banned from YouTube, will YouTube amend their guidelines, or will they continue being hypocrites?

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    Should YouTube ban the Bible? No. There are a lot of great response/criticism videos that would probably be affected. It's rather common for videos critical of something to get demonetized because they mention something on YouTube's hit list. For example this video from CosmicSkeptic is a more cautious remake of one that got removed or demonetized. I believe this also happened to videos discussing the NIFB.

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