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Thread: Spectacular Views Of Old Town Dubrovnik Croatia

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    Haven't posted in a long time on here. I'm curious what you think of my latest video. I feel I've come a long way but its nice to here the opinions of others. Let me know.

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    A susual I enjoyed it. I think part of this this comes from the fact I feel we've got to know your family over the months/years (like will all long running vlogs) and I wonder whether someone seeing this as their first of your videos would feel quite the same. Perhaps it doesn't matter. One could argue it's a bit light on information, but it's not meant to be a documentary. The factoids from Cathy do however add a bit of variety which prevents the vid being too much of a "Hey, aren't we having a good time?" type vid. Technically video and sound are fine - there's the occasional out of focus shot and dit of wind noise, but that's entirely appropriate. Good variety of shots - effective use made of the drone (and not over-used). Excellent lively editing (but not to the extent that it detracts from the content)

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    Very nice! I enjoyed it.

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