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Thread: Which lapel mic to choose?

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    Default Which lapel mic to choose?

    Hello! I started recording quite recently, so I donít know much about technology.

    to improve the sound, I decided to purchase a lapel microphone. Now I'm a bit confused since I am guided only in the price range. Chose two models - Audio Technica AT829CW and Shure BLX14/CVL-H10 (

    which one is better to choose? Or are there good representatives in the lower price range?

    thank you all in advance!

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    Sony ECMCS3 is the one I recommend for many reasons:

    You won't find better in the budget range and even against a much better budget I'm not sure you can get something substantially "better" in the lav department
    It doesn't need batteries, so one less thing that can fail. It is quite loud so you won't suffer of low gain issues but you have to be careful that it doesn't record too hot (which is usually a good problem to have). It records true stereo using dual mics - this is not a common thing with lavs. I also tested how it picks up "handling" noise and it doesn't do worse than any other lav (perhaps even better). The clip is solid but not too grippy that it may damage people's garments, and the clip rotates for convenience of placement. The cable is short on purpose, just long enough to get it to a pocket or waistband without leaving unwanted excess. No concerns about durability either.

    Cons: even grasping at straws I can't think of much. Maybe that it says "Sony" on the front? But it doesn't really show up in video recordings. It is wider than your standard lav because of the dual-mic setup. But I think this makes it look more professional.

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    [QUOTE=jochicago;226822]Sony ECMCS3 is the one I recommend for many reasons

    Great option! Thanks for your advice!

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