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Thread: Quitting Adobe Software - Going full time Resolve

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    Default Quitting Adobe Software - Going full time Resolve

    So, after more then 12 years of using and defending Adobe software (since CS3) - i just cant take it anymore.
    I have decided to quit Premiere Pro and After Effects because it has gotten to the point where Adobe software is so unstable, so unreliable and so bad in performance, that using those 2 programs is actually starting to hurt me financially. And i am not talking just about the monthly fee for the whole suite, i mean i am losing hours on each project (which directly translates in to $$$) due to the software crashing every 20-30 min and some tasks in Premiere Pro take literary 10x longer then other NLEs.

    The point of this topic is to let you know my issues with the software and if you are someone who is starting out and deciding which software to invest your money and time in (buying it, learning it, buying plugins and presets etc.), then i am here to tell you - don't chose Adobe for video editing!

    I have defended those ass***es for a decade, hoping: "well, this year they will fix those issues... this year they will improve performance, this year they will make it more stable", but every damn year the software has gotten slower, more unstable and just a huge pain to work with.
    If you are starting out in video editing - go with Davinci Resolve! (i will touch on the reasons why in a minute).

    My biggest issues with Adobe are:
      • Every time you start the program and instead of dragging in your folders decide to click File > Import > and select your files - Premiere crashes;
      • Dynamic Link with AE is so unstable that on my last project Premiere crashed 17 times according to log information;
      • If you clear your cache before you finish (export) your project and you used Dynamic Link, good luck rescuing your entire project from the grave, because all the dynamic link footage will show up as missing files and you will have to open AE, load each dynamic link project file individually so that Premiere can reconnect them, but that process took me 1.5 hours due to constant Premiere Pro crashes. After each crash, you have to start from scratch.
      • Even though i have a GTX 1080 ti some tasks in Premiere Pro give me a memory error with the software crashing;
      • Apparently clicking on the FONT selection bar is the most performance intense task in the world, because every time on the first attemp Premiere Pro freezes for 30-60 seconds (Not responding) 50% of the time resulting in a crash;

      • Premiere Pro has a super hard time with playing back footage without stuttering (i know it depends on the PC, but Resolve plays the same footage super smooth on the same PC);
      • Render caching takes much longer in Premiere then Resolve;
      • Warp Stabilizing a 20 sec 4K clip takes roughly 6 minutes on my current PC in Premiere, while the same clip gets stabilized in 35 seconds in Resolve.
      • Exporting is roughly 30% - 40% slower in Premiere compare to Resolve according to my own tests;
      • Importing footage in Premiere takes FOREVER. A regular project for me is roughly 120 - 150 GB of footage (main cam, B-cam, GoPro, P4P). Just the act of importing that footage takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes in Premiere! It takes 7 seconds to load it in Resolve! That's insane!

      • While i appreciate dynamic link, it is also the bane of my editing existence - being forced to have Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition open at once most of the time is stressful for me and my PC, because there is a 3x chance that one of those Adobe programs will crash and fuck things up;
      • After spending more and more time in Resolve i have noticed just how limited Premiere is in some regards, especially when it comes to color work;

    So, 4 days ago i started a new edit and decided, because it will have a ton of info graphics with camera tracking and so on, that i will do the edit in Premiere + After Effects. I have roughly $3000 invested in plugins and presets for those two and i felt like i would finish the project faster there then in Resolve where i am not so familiar with Fusion and i have no presets ready to speed up my work.

    Boy did i make the wrong choice!
    That 2 day planned edit turned in a 4 day nightmare, because of 17 Premiere Pro crashes, almost losing half of the work done after clearing cache and non of the dynamic links working. It took almost 2 hours to get that working again. Getting numerous errors pre-rendering and 2x during rendering. Getting numerous Camera Tracking errors in After Effects and having to waste time figuring out workarounds. Dealing with the horrible performance of After Effects and 4K footage and losing so much time in the process. Losing so much time on simply waiting for paint to dry while Premiere is Warp Stabilizing for 2-5 minutes a clip, waiting for render caching because it can't play anything back without stuttering, even importing the footage was 25min. And all in all - putting myself under unnecessary stress by not being able to finish the project in time, but also for losing 2 days on the edit that cost me quite a bit of money. Because the client should not have to pay extra for those days if they were caused by Adobe software being so bad.

    I just can't justify Adobe for professional work anymore. Editing software should help me finish a project and make me money, not the other way around!

    So why choose Davinci Resolve?

    • The latest version (16 beta 4) has proven that BlackMagic has overtaken Adobe in almost every aspect. While it does crash time to time (it's still a beta), the performance and feature benefits outweigh any shortcomings by a lot in Resolve;
    • The node workflow has a much higher learning curve, but it is also way more powerful then the layer based ones. I think a couple of months with intense learning and training and anyone would be able to do advanced stuff in Fusion;
    • It's just a $299 one time purchase for the Studio version compared to $75 (with tax) each month;
    • Even the Free version has like 95% of features enabled that are enough for most video editors;
    • Performance is so much better compared to Premiere Pro;
    • Color editing obviously blows Premiere out of the water. No more back and forth exporting footage;
    • Resolve basically has After Effects and Audition built in and it's just one click away to edit anything you need while for Adobe it's separate programs and for the most part Fusion and Fairlight seems to be as powerful as the Adobe equivalent;
    • I could continue for a while here...

    Obviously Resolve has some things i don't like:
    • the UI. It's waaay too bulky, even on a 4K display, i wish i could adjust it more;
    • It lacks a TON of shortcuts;
    • I HATE that Resolve does not have mouse position zooming in the timeline (it drives me nuts, that it zooms in on the playhead position);
    • There are almost no presets for Resolve (titles, transitions, FX etc);
    • Some features are buried way too deep with too many un-intuitive clicks;
    • Some other minor issues...

    All in all, Adobe has become a nuisance and BlackMagic is working much harder on their software. I feel it has reached the point where Davinci Resolve has overtaken Premiere Pro in every aspect and if you plan to choose which software to learn - i would advise to go with the one that is developing it like crazy and improving it constantly, and avoiding the one that over a decade has made their own software worse and worse!

    What are your thoughts and experience?!

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    I’m going Resolve. Currently still on PowerDirector but I’m buying a BlackMagic camera in the near future, so when I get Resolve pro for free I’ll take some time to learn it and I’ll be switching over.

    I abandoned Adobe when they went with the subscription model. It wasn’t the only reason, just the last nail in the coffin. For reference the main reason for me was how they killed Macromedia Fireworks, my primary web design tool (and 7 years later the last version is still my main tool).

    The craziest thing in all of this is that since they switched to the subscription model they have been raking in the cash like an alternative universe. A filthy black hole of money. You’d think they would have used those resources to tighten up their software to make sure to keep those clients happy. But since the subscription model all I hear from people that stayed with them is that the software has become buggier and the feature expansions have tapered off.


    I switched away from Lightroom a while back. Also haven’t used Photoshop in years.

    For design software I have already switched to Affinity. I’m in the process of learning Affinity Designer so I can lay my old Adobe Fireworks to rest at some point this year.

    Affinity has Photo which is a photo editor like Photoshop. And they are releasing Publisher this month which is their answer to InDesign. This company is well worth our support. They’ve been making design software for many years and their work is solid. Their software is not quite as deep as Adobe (yet), but they are constantly working on adding features, the majority of feature updates are free over the years, and there’s no subscription just a single low-cost payment.

    When you catch them on a 20% discount (like right now), you can buy their entire ecosystem (Designer, Photo and Publisher) for $120 total. And you’ll get free bug and feature updates for the major version.

    Honestly, I am just starting my transition but I’m floored by how good Designer is. It’s similar to Fireworks in that it lets you edit vectors and bitmaps at the same time. Fast, robust, no crashes. The effects are very nice and have rich settings. It opens RAW files. It’s hard to comprehend how it is possible to own software this good for a single low payment.

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    Just a hobbiest here so time isn't money so to speak, I could understand your frustration if it were.
    I'm on cc14 on my ancient pc and it's stable but I do back up every 5 mins or less just in case.
    You do come across as pretty stressed out sometimes so it's a no brainier for you to switch if it cuts back the stress I guess.

    I had a play editing black magic footage with da Vinci on a machine at scan.. it cut through the footage like butter without drama.
    Pretty intuitive to find my way around too.
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    Btw, do you have a YouTube or Vimeo channel I'd be interested to see some if your work dude
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    Quote Originally Posted by RL_Sensei View Post
    So, after more then 12 years of using and defending Adobe software (since CS3) - i just cant take it anymore.
    I know EXACTLY where you are coming from and recently made the switch to BMDs DR for the very same reasons.

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    Still not convinced. I'm doing my first serious work in DR - forced myself to try it. Admittedly the footage is 4K 50fps for delivery in HD 25fps, but, even with optimised media, it is quite painful trying to get the timing right cutting a split screen (5 lots of footage - that's four quadrants and a background) on the beat. Tapping "M" for marker is not as responsive as I'd like - when I do this in Vegas the marker is there - exactly when I tap it. What's more I haven't found a way of playing back at, say, half speed in order to place markers more precicely - something what is a doddle in Vegas.
    I also find moving and trimming clips to frame accuracy not as easy as in Vegas.
    But I'll persevere.I do enjoy trying to get to grips with it.

    My last attempt was a 2hr theatrical musical with footage and audio from three nights. I gave up as Resolve crashed at least as frequently as Vegas and it didn't seem as easy to cut and paste spoken lines from different nights (together with their separate audio tracks. But now I've played with a 1min project I shall give this another attempt with the show I recorded last week.

    BTW Not the latest of PCs bit an i7 5820 (hex-core) 32GB RAM R9 390 & Samsung 750GB PCIe SDD (and separate SDD for System.)

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