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    A live studio performance:

    As usual I already have a list of errors I've made (including leaving the manual focus set on one cam from a previous shoot), but I think this came out pretty well. It's been a while since I did a studio production, so it was a nice change to have more control over the various elements, especially the audio recording. I've got two more songs from this shoot to edit.

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    I think this is much better than the uploads previously posted here. Both in editing and audio quality. Only thing I'm pulling you on is some of the framing. Good job.
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    Quote Originally Posted by enc View Post
    I think this is much better than the uploads previously posted here. Both in editing and audio quality. Only thing I'm pulling you on is some of the framing. Good job.
    Thanks. On my list of errors is the far stage right shot framing. It was taken with an older GoPro (Hero 2) with no way to monitor, so I had to guess. And the angle forced me to crop it to keep some things out of the frame, which made it too tight on the right. Cropping it even tighter would have brought out the graininess of the camera's image. I am slightly annoyed by the stage left shot where the pedal steel player's face is partially obscured by the guitarist.

    The ability to record multitrack audio and mix it as needed makes a big difference in the final product.

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    Much better in many ways. The band was well lit. the background was dark and without distractions. The fact the band all wore dark trousers and red shirts added to a feeling of unity - yet the different styles of shirts/hats allowed each to be individual within it. The bass playe looked like he was somewhere else mentally some of the time - on some shots it didn't even look like he was playing so relaxed were his hands (not a criticism - economy of movement is a good thing and he was clearly so very competent he didn't give his playing a thought). A bit over exposed at times - again it's a case of working within the limits of your equipment. Great job though.

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    Hi, good song and music, enjoyed this

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    I love that it is getting much harder to give you feedback because things are looking pretty good.

    I almost didnít say anything because itís nice and I think itís time to focus on other parts. But I do have a couple notes:
    - Bass player was not doing a rich job for the camera. Music performance aside, stage performances are about entertainment and our bass friend didnít give us a single facial expression. If he is not the performing kind, maybe ask him to wear tight shoes so he can give us the occasional pain expression while singing the chorus. Regardless, if he is not giving us action then avoid cutting to him too often, or maybe cut to the action in his hands.

    - The steel guitar guy was the one to zoom in to during the chorus, but you didnít have the right footage of him. Also wouldnít hurt to have a couple tight shots on the drummer.

    - Colors: the skin tones are off. Everyone is purple-ish. I know it is not easy to color correct this kind of footage, and it doesnít help at all that the cameras have to go to high ISO to get the shot since you lose even more color info. But the issue with the skin tones needs a solution because the colors are too far off.

    - BTW you also have some harsh over exposure on the lead singer, but not sure thereís much to be done there with the gear you are using. Ultimately my point here is test your gear/location more because obviously smaller and less expensive gear has a narrower sweet spot and you want to do everything you can to place them in their sweet spot at the time of recording, in terms of angle of view, lighting, settings, etc. Maybe you canít fix the over exposure or the colors, but exhaust your options before you abandon trying.

    - We need some camera movement. The editing is nice with the multiple angles, but we do need a front shot, scanning around the subjects. Perhaps it is time for you to start placing yourself somewhere in the room with a monopod and a zoom lens.

    I donít judge live mixes too harshly because I know itís a pain to get that set up on the fly. Overall Iíd say that Iím not really hearing the guitars outside of their solos, and the vocals need more treatment / compression.

    I can see you go all-out with the drum kit mics. In the mix Iím not really feeling the kick so Iíd venture to guess you are having some phasing issues.

    Did I understand correctly that you recorded this as a multi track? Kudos to you for going the distance. Also, I would appreciate having access to that multi track session because I would have fun mixing this song. I you share the multi track Iíll send you my version of this mix for consideration. Itís a fun song.
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    I was running a pan/tilt/zoom camera. What you see is probably the best of what I shot. I'm always trying to improve on my cam operator skills, but when doing pretty much the whole thing myself (other than stopping/starting the DSLR) I don't always get it perfect.

    The overexposure is due to the cheapness of that camera. I don't think there's much that can be done except stop using that camera in the future. I've already looked into it and it's partly my processing but it's mostly the inherent limitations of the camera I used for that shot.

    I'm okay with the audio. More importantly, the band is happy with it. Too much compression in a live situation can bring out the bleed from drums, amps and stage monitors. I kept things fairly simple, not too much processing, in order to honestly represent the band as they could sound live with a simple mixer.

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