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    I just finished a new video last night. I'll state right up front that it has a few issues. I used footage from several different trips, at different times of year and different times of day shot with different cameras, including a drone and a pocket camera. I don't know squat about color grading, I just tried to tweak it manually a bit here and there but I don't know how much it helped.

    Also I had to use some stills, usually because I wasn't able to get video in every place.

    Anyway, after that great intro here's the video...

    Though it's not a ghost town, this former mining town has many historic buildings, great scenery, and a chance to tour an authentic gold mine from the 1870s.

    by Gentle Jammers
    Licensed by AudioJungle

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    interesting place.. though both at their "peak' in the late 1800's quite a contrast from the Angel meadow area i posted recently... some great overviews from the drone but perhaps lingered a bit too long? i wouldnt have noticed the changing seasons if you hadnt mentioned them. great night footage at the end ..what camera is that ?
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    Thanks. The nights shots at the very end are stills, taken with a Canon Rebel EOS T7i.

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    Nice piece, the intro looks a bit funny to me because you're so low in the shot. For some of the statics a subtle zoom could do wonders in keeping it dynamic.
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    Thanks. I had a heck of a time getting into the shot at all from the only vantage point overlooking the town. In hindsight it might have been better to shoot the intro at street level.

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    Ah, or knock on someone's door and ask for a soap box
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    Another gentle film from Ray which just forces me to take a break and relax. As always, very colourful, informative and enjoyable. I'll ignore the issues you already know about and whicg you've raised. None concerned me unduly.
    If you'll allow me to nit pick:

    The shot of the "tools used to build the hotel" was barely held long enough to read the caption, let alone look at the tools. There are probably not tools we use today (or are older versions) and so they are of interest.

    On the other side of the coin one phrase you used about the hotel was unnecessary and horribly generic: "Guests can enjoy tea, coffee .... delicious breakfast in the morning". It sounds like adevertising blurb which could apply equally well to any hotel in the world. Everything else in the narration is good as it relates to something specific to the hotel/location/area. (For example "The interior is beautifully furnished ...." begins to sound generic but becomes specific when you mention the "original gas lamps which have been restored and converted to electricity".)

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    Thanks Tim, good advice!

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    Ray, an enjoyable little travelogue. You have a pleasant narration voice, the choice of music was good, and if you had not mentioned that the footage was shot at differing seasons of the year I would not have even noticed. Technically speaking, I can't think of anything to add to the previous comments that have already adequately pointed out constructive criticism. Please keep up the good work.

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