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Thread: One day in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

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    Talking One day in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

    Hello everyone, I hope you can give me some feedback on our brand new cinematic video of our trip to Switzerland.
    More to come soon, so i hope you guys enjoy it!

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    Nice shots, I don't quite see the point of these types of videos so I can't comment on the fact if your video serves its purpose. Editing wise it seems solid and the dull washed out look seems to be a common choice for slow artistic videos lately so I think you've nailed it cinematically speaking.
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    Some of the shots were attractive but I failed to see what many of them added to the film. I am also not a fan of paning with wide angle distortion. Have you considered fixing that (most NLEs have the facility). We see people (presumably the maker & friend) but only from behind. Thus makes it very impersonal and has the psychological effect of excluding the viewer. The intro shots showing the itinery and car interior were a good idea but lasted for a rather long proportion of the film. I quite liked the grade which is unusual for a "scenery film" where saturated colours and high contrast seem to be the norm.
    One or two of the edits didn't qork for me. in an attempt to cut to the music (which is a good thing) the cuat at 0:26 didn't work for me. The shot of the girl taking a photo was just too quick - this was the first time we'd seen anyone (ignoring hands) and a quick shot like that seemed incongruous. The edit at 0:33 doesn't work as the second shot contains the apex of the roof of the building seeen in the previous shot and this just feels like an ugly jump cut.
    A rather useful simple test I learned earlier this years is if the film started or finished anywhere else, would it matter? It most definitely would matter where the film starts (it setrs out the beginning of our adventure) but I fear it could have finished anywhere. You have clearly seen the importance of a beginning, try to develop some sort of narrative so that you can leave the viewer with a logical (and hopefully insopiring) ending.

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