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Thread: Which lighting kit for semi beginner?

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    Default Which lighting kit for semi beginner?

    Hi. I've been shooting videos ( for the last year (mostly outside) and I caught myself in buying quite a lot of gear, but not the lights (which I should probably do first). Now I wonted to shoot one video inside of the house and I realised I need some lights. I started now learning about lighting and I checked little bit recommendations on youtube and amazon, but there is so many options to choose from. In the future I would like to film music videos and weddings, so what do you recommend for those areas? My budget is around 500 €. What was your beginning of buying and learning about lighting? Do you think is better in beginning to buy some cheap lights and then later more expensive or go with expensive from the start? Thanks.

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    I started out with an extreme budget set, two CFL lights on light stands with aluminium hoods + 2 white umbrellas (which I never used). whole setup had cost me around 50. My mind set at the time being. I might as well try them, if they work it's a steal and if they don't I've only lost 50 and could possibly sell them on anyway.
    That was about five or six years ago and I still use them. I did however switch the CFL bulbs out for quad LEDs after I broke one of the CF bulbs on set and finding out those bulbs alone cost almost a tenner per piece which I didn't think they where worth.
    Not sure if that's a route you're comfortable with but the mindset "buy the cheapest solution first, if it works *Yay!* if it doesn't *meh*" has saved me hundreds if not thousands over the years compared to the few *meh* incidents you're bound to run into.
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    Thanks for advise. Yeah I think I will start with smaller budget ligjts

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