Blackmagic design has made a major update to Fusion. Fusion Studio VFX software was at version 9 when Blackmagic design went and incorporated it directly into their Davinci Resolve 15 editing suite. For that incorporation, they made a lot of interface and module upgrades which were quite good. Initially, I had thought that BMD had abandoned the stand-alone version of Fusion, but it looks like that is not the case.

It would appear that BMD has taken those updates they made to Fusion in DR15-16, turned them around and did a major update to the stand-alone Fusion Studio package and are calling it Fusion Studio 16. I downloaded the Beta last night (since I already owned 9) and I really like what they have done to this legacy VFX program. So, I thought I would just let everyone know. Here is the latest info and download link on BMD's software support page.

Comment: This is a good thing, because sometimes when you are working on a very complex compositing scene project, you may not want to have to open a new DR-15 project file just to work on it. Personally, this will give me more convenience in my workflow.