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Thread: How do i make someone vanish?

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    Default How do i make someone vanish?

    Hello all,

    I work in a kindergarten and i am making a short film with the kids they made a script and at the moment we are shooting the film.
    One of the kids plays a ghost in the film and i wanted to try to make her disappear when the other kids find out she is a ghost.

    I have searched in every way i can think off on google to try to learn how to do that but i have not been able to find anything, first i was going to take a still picture of the background and add that over half of the frame where the ghost is standing at the moment she is running out of frame but i could not find a way to do that in imovie so i tried to find some way to add like some smoke effect to put over the kid that is the ghost while she runs out of the frame but have not had any luck there either.

    I have about the same experience in film making as the kids i am working with.
    I am using imovie, last year we made a short film and i used windows movie maker then.

    Could anyone here show me a way to do this in imovie or windows movie maker?


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    It would probably be easier with more advanced software. I use Vegas Pro, which I think is Windows only, but there are programs for Mac as well. I've heard there are some freeware applications that are pretty comprehensive.

    It really comes down to technique. If you have a stationary shot (camera on a tripod) it shouldn't be too hard to make this happen. You could cut in half the frame where the ghost is to make her disappear.

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    With the camera set on a tripod or table shoot the scene with the child walking/running out of frame.
    Without disturbing the camera (itís importan the camera is in exactly the same position) shoot a second clip without the child in it.
    Put both clips ion the time line. Place a Cross fade transition between the two clips.
    Experiment with the transition length until you get the speed/smoothness you require.
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    Thanks for the help guys i managed to do this and it turned out great, look for me at the oscars.

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