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    I found an old family video I took on a Sony Cybershot. It is 160x112. 150kbps data rate. 182kbps total bitrate. 25 FPS.
    It is super small. When I expand it becomes crazy pixelated. I have tried converting to a few different formats using some de-interlacing options but with no luck.

    Any tips on how to clean this thing up? Online tools? I have Adobe Prem but quite sure what settings to apply.


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    Well you can't magically wish pixels into existence that where never recorded... That means expanding simply makes the pixels bigger. Converting a video to a different format never works for improving video quality because it more or less is the same equivalent of putting an aple in a different box. In some cases the video will even get worse because of the file format limitations (imagine having a beautiful apple and having to cut it into half and to put one half of that apple into a small container... you never make it whole again).

    Right so, education aside...
    You can try "Detail preserving upscale" not sure if it's in premiere but it is in after effects. This basically is an algorithm that tries to calculate the missing pixels based on the existing information.
    Another thing that might even give you better results but takes more time is to export the video as a jpg sequence (this means each frame of the video is saved as a different image file) and then putting those jpgs through a program called "waifu2x". This is theoretically one of the best image up-scale algorithms out there, especially good for illustrations though (which is what it's intended for) but works magic on photo's as well so could be worth a shot. Afterwards you'll just import the larger pictures again as a picture sequence and set the framerate back to 25FPS.

    Final note: Don't expect miracles... (unless you are easily impressed )
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    Awesome info. Thanks for the response

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