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Thread: How to learn video editing?

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    Default How to learn video editing?

    It's fun to learn video editing along with listing my own playlist which i downloaded from download playlists from soundcloud. can anyone suggest how to start?
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    Download some free software (DaVinci Resolve?), find some video files, start editing. When you have questions, come back here and we'll try to get you to the next stage.

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    Yep, just start playing. Get people to look at and comment on the results (not people who are just going to say it's great - if it is great you need to knwo WHAT makes it great. Ditto bad.)

    Do you want to know the mechanics of editing (ie how to trim a clip or how to combine the different elements of sound on your timeline) or do you want to know the art of editing?
    The former depends to some extend on what software you want to use, although the same facilities will be available in all NLEs (NLE = Non-Linear Editor. Basically the software you use to edit. I'm not aware of any commonly used editing software which is not non-linear, but nevertheless we like to use the jargon NLE as it makes us feel superior to people who as "What's an NLE?". More seriously, using "NLE" is quicker to type than "editing software" and just using the word "editor" can be confusing. So get used to using NLE - it's nothing more frightening than "editing software".

    The latter is more subjective and depends more upon what sort of material you want to edit/what sort of film you want to make. Basically the sky's the limit but there are several conventions that it is best to be aware of which have their roots in narrative storytelling. If that's what you are really asking, I'm happy to share some basics as I am sure others are. (And it's all unbelievabley simple - often easier to demonstrate than to explain)

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    I think video editing is the art of telling visual stories.
    The software you'll have to learn, and it will take some practice, but that's a given to be able to do anything.

    But probably lesson #1 is to always focus on the story, and how to tell it with clips and cuts. To be good you have to learn 1000 tricks about story telling, and the best way to do it is to start with the basics, maybe follow an online course, and definitely subscribe to editing Youtube channels and eat them all up by the truckload.

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