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Thread: Super Bloom: Anza-Borrego Desert 2019

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    Default Super Bloom: Anza-Borrego Desert 2019

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I had anything to post, but I've finally finished a new video...

    This year the desert experienced a "super bloom" of flowers. I was very fortunate to be able to take several short trips to the southern end of the Anza-Borrego desert, and shot hours of footage to create this five-minute video.

    by Music2Media
    Licensed by AudioJungle

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    Nice to see you appear again Ray and very well done with this video. I'm sure it's your best yet. Nice to-camera opening piece followed by great images plus V/O and appropriate subtitles and your exit piece at the end. Yes I did notice you were on the other side of the screen at the end. Appropriate music of course.
    Well done again.

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    BTW, I had a lot of trouble with the sound on my intro and end piece. The first few times I was out there, the wind was fierce and no matter what I did I couldn't eliminate the noise. (Made it hard to get good flower videos too, when the flowers are whipping around!)

    On the last trip there was minimal wind, and I thought I had some good takes. Didn't find out until later that the receiver for the lavaliere mic wasn't properly connected to the camera. I ended up recording new audio at home, and tried to get it to sync up to the video as closely as possible. It works, mostly, but I think it lost some of the feeling I'd put into my voice during the on-camera takes.

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    Lovely! A bit of a cop-out word, but I can't think of anything more appropriate to describe this gentle look at some of the flora (and fauna) in the desert. Really great shots, very colourful, nicely paced, authoritative without being preachy or "lecturish". The cuts were nicely spaced - in time with the music, but you mixed the lengths of the shots so there was no hypnotic effect.

    I was trying to work out why the intro/outro felt a little more awkward than the rest of the voiceover when it wasn't because you looked awkward (I mean you didn't look awkward, so that wasn't the reason) - but your post explains it well. I don't know how you recorded the new audio, but you really need to put yourself in the frame of mind of the same situation. I once had to re-record my daughter for an exterior shot - so I re-recorded her out doors. This was tricky, having to avoid traffic noise and the like, but important because people speak differently depending on their environments. I'm sure experienced actors can do this in the confimnes of the studio, but recording in a similar environment (eg outside) helps match acoustics as well. Don't take offence though - your efforts here are fine, I just know you're a bit disappointed in them and offer a suggestions that might help if future.

    It is a sad fact that the better your work, imperfections which would not be noticed in a lesser work become noticed here. Just a couple of shots had a bit of unsteady movement (and I'm being really picky here) eg 2:02 if you look at the edge of the shot ou can see the camera doesn't only move in the tilt direction (planned) but theres an element of rotating back and forth. More of an issue for is the inclusion of stills. There are many reasons stills can be justified in video (commonly you show someone taking a photograph, or imply it by having a shutter sound and effect, or it's shots that clearly could not be taken at the same time - eg archive images or a reference to a different country) but when they are just stills of what is already shown as video, they just stop......................the flow.

    I liked the subtle vignette you used to draw attention to the flowers that might otherwise be missed.

    The voice-over was good - and you left plenty of room for the film to breathe, but try to vary the lengths of your sentences as you have done with the cuts.

    Very enjoyable.

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    Thanks Tim! I appreciate the comments and suggestions -- very helpful!

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