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    new to the forum to ask for some inspiration 🤔

    been doing videography for about 9-12 months now. Editing in Premier Pro. My YouTube channel below if anyone’s interested, not on there for subscriptions, just a handy place to show my work...

    I'm doing a video shoot next weekend (21st April) for a fashion blogger/vlogger and she has a pair of trainers and a pair of shoes she wants to promote. As you’d expect she’ll be in different outfits for each footwear.

    im trying to think of a cool way to transition between the outfits, any ideas would be welcome.

    Doesn’t have to be some crazy editing wizardry, just maybe the way it’s filmed...


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    Always cut on movement. Unbeknown to me my daughter did one of these sorts of things a few years ago on her phone (not published on the net) Basically it's set to music and wearing outfit she jumps up and claps her hands on a particular beat. Repeat the exercise in ourfit 2. Edit together on the jump.
    Or do a crash pan. Film her in spot A and quickly pan away to spot B. Film her in new location and quickly pan into it. Edit the pans together with a dissolve. You cam play with this idea by having her look/point to the new location in the first shot and look/point from the pan direction in the second shot.
    Or she could throw something (ball, teddy bear, cat, dog, elephant) out of one shot into another.
    Or something really cheesy like this which I knocked up as a bit of fun a couple of years back

    Basically, anything which distracts the attention will help the change of outfit seem, well, seamless.

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    Thanks for the ideas, I’m definitely gonna shoot some of these, and see what I prefer once it’s all in Premier Pro.

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