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Thread: The Big Flat Hollow Globe (2019) Documentary

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    [to jochicago's lengthy post]

    This is a great post. I shall file this away and use it if I even need to present an argument. It's all common sense, of course, but rarely have I seen this expressed so clearly. I doubt it'll change theog's opinions, but it would be nice to think it might give him pause for thought.

    [One for the longer-term members of the forum]
    Once upon a time I'd wonder if theog has a beard, but as everyone has a beard nowadays it seems too much of a safe bet.

    Is it just coincidence that the increase in the number of beards coincides with the increase in political madness in the world? I must check jochicago's post before drawing any bold conclusion.

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    Thanks Tim. I've been away on my client project (went well BTW), but I wanted to follow up on the point you brought up.

    I suspect our new friend was reading and took something home to ponder. I don't expect people to change their approach to things overnight, but I do expect all of us seeking feedback to try to receive honest feedback and make something of it.

    In these times of divisiveness and alternative facts, I believe it is a community effort to help those that need a push breaking away from wrong ideas. It is more important than ever that we do less to dismiss, and more to extend a hand and help someone work through their barriers.

    We all have barriers, we all need a hand with something. They say it takes a village to raise a person. I think this is true at all stages of life. We are always feeding off each other and bouncing ideas off each other. That puts a constant responsibility on each of us to step-in and contribute when someone's off center.

    Now I'm off to hug a tree.

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