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Thread: How to combine two videos without changing their quality?

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    Default How to combine two videos without changing their quality?

    Hello, I want to merge two videos. The first video is about 20 seconds long and the second video is about 7 minutes long. The first video is “selfie” type introduction recorded on the cellphone about what video is about and the second video is Powerpoint slideshow with my voice in the background. To keep video size small I exported second video (Powerpoint presentation video) with low-quality settings.

    I am using Movavi Video editor and can’t see the following option. To keep video size small I want the first video to be of high quality and second video low quality. In Movavi when you merge videos you can only export with only one setting. For example, an entire video should be of high quality or low quality. Could you advise me which software to use to merge two videos so that the first video be of high quality and second video low quality or in other words to remain both videos the same quality as they were before merging? The smaller the size of the software will be the better

    English is not my native language, sorry for any misunderstandings

    Thank you for your time!

    P.S File size of presentation video is around 70 MB and introductory video will be around 15 MB. (I have not recorded it yet)

    P.P.S Sorry if it seems a very simple question, but a few months ago I wanted to record my computer screen that seemed very easy. I ended up installing 4 softwares, recording/deleting videos because they turned out to be of a huge size and etc. I wasted so much time. So I don’t want to experience the same.

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    If they're going to be in one file then that file has to have one compression setting. It may be that using a variable bit rate (VBR) compression setting you can get the whole thing smaller while keeping the intro looking good. But it would be best to export the slide show in a high quality format then compress it more aggressively when you export the final combined video.

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    Thanks for replying!

    What software do you recommend for this? I don't have a powerful laptop so the more lightweight it will be the better.


    Edit: I use Movavi video editor and I found instructions on the internet that it can export videos using VBR, but I don't see the VBR parameters when I click the export button. Do you have any idea why?
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