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    Default Wireless lav

    Your thoughts.

    I don't want to invest $400 but it looks like that's the range for reliable gear. It seems to me that in this day such a device should start at $100 tops with bluetooth support included, but I'm not seeing any reliable brands doing that.

    I definitely need something trustworthy. Ideally something with replaceable batteries (like AA) for dealing with long days.

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    Are we talking just the lav mic itself or a set with lav mic, receiver and transceiver?

    I looked in to this for about 2 weeks a month or two ago for my next big gear purchase.
    You won't find anything below $800 that i would consider to be trustworthy, reliable in all situations and industry standard!

    Also, when it comes to lav setups you need to pay huge attention to what type of system you buy in to. There's the old industry standard UHF systems, but almost all frequency ranges are payed now (you acutually need to buy a licence for every single time you intend to use the lav) and you have to buy the exact model that fits the MHz range in your country. Good luck flying to a different country and being able to use your Lav's!
    I don't recommend that outdated tech.

    These days everyone is switching to WiFi digital signal lavs (2.4 GHz) like the RODELink Filmmaker Kit for example, but those things have HUGE problems and are SUPER unreliable. Good luck getting any decent audio when your subject with the lav turns around or if you are recording in a room with 50 people who have cells phones.
    So don't even go there.

    The only thing i would recommend these days is a 1.9 Ghz system like the Sennheiser AVX, but only with the good quality (MKE2) LAV mic.

    That kit will set you back $899

    It's on my purchase list and i need 2 of those kits, so that gonna be fun...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jochicago View Post
    reliable brands
    There's your "problem" when trying to fit that budget.
    If it where me I'd take a chance with an unknown brand. In some cases they even come from the same production line so you're more or less paying for the name rather than the product.
    Summat like this, most of the other punters seem quite positive about it, just ditch the mic that ships with it... Instead of swapping batteries just get an extra unit if the first one does the job. If it's rubbish just pawn it off again
    The cats are watching us...

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    Thanks for the opinions. You've given me plenty to consider.

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    It rather depends on yoru usage. All reports seems to suggest the 2.4GHz stuff works fine so long as you have line of sight. However, porbably best to forget it if yu plan to use it in areas where people are using WiFi. The interweb has plenty of stories f people using 2.4GHz kit in theatrical productions or for conferences which work flawlessy in rehearsal but which then fail as soon as an audience/delegates arrive with their phones all connecting to the WiFi.

    However for actors/presenters/interviewees in a controlled environment (and you almost certainly won't have any controll over what WiFi is around so it's a case of finding the right location) they would be fine.

    But I'd rather invest loads in something that will work whereever I might want it than $200 that has limitations.

    Whilst the "try it and if it doesn't work flog it" suggestion from Grapes does have its merits, that particular unit uses the FM radio frequencies, so good luck with that!

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    Thanks again for all the feedback.

    I dodged the bullet for now as I no longer need to provide a wireless mic capability for an upcoming shoot. Still would be nice to have something reliable but my research in this space has only left me with more questions.

    Pressed for a quick solution, I was considering going with the Sennheiser XSW-D

    Good reviews and I liked it in a couple Youtube videos. It's supposed to be able to use a few bands, and it auto scans the bands for best performance and switches seamlessly during use. Don't know if this is unique, I imagine others can do that too, but good to know that the device is aware of the typical pitfalls and trying to address them.


    BTW, I have an update on WIRED lavs:

    I got this Audio Tecnica knock off called Vidpro XM-L:

    Came with a kit with a Tascam recorder. I was surprised by how it is nearly identical to the Audio Tecnica I already own expect for 2 things: The AudioTecnica IMO sounds just a bit better overall, more stately, but the Vidpor comes with a TTRS connector instead of a mono connector. This means that the Vidpro should be able to plug straight into a smartphone but it also provides a perfect stereo signal to my Panasonic camera while the Audio Tecnica's mono plug leaves me with audio on only one channel. For this reason I prefer the Vidpro, and the Audio Tecnica goes in the backup bag.

    As a no-power lav I got the Sony ECMCS3. Impressive little lav, great audio, true stereo with dual mics, and quite loud for not using any power. I think this belongs in everyone's bag even if just as a backup.

    Also, as a no-power shotgun mic I got the Movo VRX10:

    I really wanted to get the Rode VideoMicro, but after watching several videos I preferred the quality of the audio of this Movo, and it is also louder. The only downside is that the shock mount is not as good as the Rode and it doesn't work as well to suppress camera vibrations if you are handheld, but I shoot interviews on support so we'll see.

    BTW, zero noise with the Panasonic camera preamp for any of these devices. All sounded good and would do the job at hand.

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    Thanks for the info and mini reviews!

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    I like Shure CVL Centraverse lavalier microphone. It 's a part of a wireless system and one of the cheapest Shure models. Despite this, the mic works great no matter how and where you use it.

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