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Thread: Do you give raw footage to clients?

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    When I run live events where I hire guys to shoot and edit for me, theyíre being paid to shoot footage for me and edit footage for me. If the cameraman is being paid by me to shoot, that footage is mine. Both in raw form and the final edited form after someone is also paid to edit for me. Cameramen and editors donít own the footage I hired them to shoot, and they certainly cannot use footage from my shoot to sell as stock footage later.

    The baking analogy is flawed. Itís not the same as a customer who ordered a cake wanting additional cake ingredients for free. Itís the owner of the bakery, who paid for all of the ingredients for his employee to use to bake the cake, choosing to keep the leftover ingredients to use as he pleases (for future cakes, etc). The leftover ingredients donít belong to the employee hired to do the baking. They belong to the bakery.

    Selling stock footage from a hired shoot would be the equivalent of the employee of the bakery taking those extra ingredients that the owner of the bakery paid for, and baking more cakes at home to sell as a side business.
    Do you hire them with a Freelancer or Temporary contract where that is specifically stated?
    Because depending on your countries laws, just because you hire them for a fixed time gig (one event) with the thought - "everything you shoot and edit belongs to me because i payed you", does not mean that that footage or work actually belongs to you.
    For example in my country if i would pay a freelancer cash to shoot an event for me, then according to the law he would be the author and copyright owner. It doesn't matter that i payed him to do this for me - he is considered a THIRD party contractor and therefore that entity is the author of the body of work he created for me. I get only using rights!

    Only if that person would be a full-time employee of my own company, then everything they do would belong to me! Other then that, whoever did the work - owns the copyrights.
    This is true for many countries in the EU as far as i know.

    That's why i use specifically made Freelancer or Temporary work contracts where the freelancer relinquishes all rights to any and all work done to my production studio and i slap a paragraph on with hefty fines on if they decide to use or sell that footage without my permission.
    Same goes when i get hired for a bigger production as a DP, i sign a contract relinquishing all rights to that footage.
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