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Thread: Pitch your Short to Filmaka and get $15,000 to direct a short film

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    Default Pitch your Short to Filmaka and get $15,000 to direct a short film

    15 Minute Pit Stops
    In 2025, it will only take 15 minutes to recharge your car. In these circumstances, what would you do with those 15 minutes to recharge yourself while you recharge your car?
    Send in your pitches for a 3 to 5 minute original short film that tells the story about a future where you have 15 minutes to yourself to do whatever you want while you wait for your car to recharge.

    A total of 3 pitches will be chosen to make into short films. If your pitch is one of the winners, you will receive a production budget of $15,000 to produce and deliver your short film in three weeks.

    Your pitch should be in English and include an original title, a written script, a concept explanation, a budget breakdown of your proposed 3 to 5 minute film, your biography, and links to your previous work. Bids may also include visuals such as story boards, mood boards, or sample images.

    The finished films will be promoted through a paid social media campaign and live on BASF’s website.

    Deadline to Upload Pitches is April 9th

    To see complete details of the following link:

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