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Thread: My first Osmo Video

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    Would love some feedback on the filming/editing in this video and tips for future projects
    It's my first attempt to make a video wth the Osmo Pocket.

    My own reflections: Video is probably to long and hyperlapse part is kinda messy. I am overall satisfied with other shots.

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    Hi Runesole and welcome. Thanks for posting.
    You've asked for comments on filming and editing, but I suspect the later is going to be difficult as I'm guessing this is a test piece and editing really requires a purpose. We'll come on to that later.

    Filming. One of the beauties of a small aperture camera like the Osmo Pocket is that focus is not really an issue. It will have a massive depth of field and consequently most of the image will be in frame. You demonstrate this well particularly with the shots as you move apst/between the upright wooden beams - see everything is in focus! Great. (here is a downside to this in that you cannot use septh of field to separate a close up of (say) a face from the background - but hey, we don't have any close ups here.

    And that would be my first criticism. Where are the close-ups. Throw in some small details, door knobs, ropes around the harbour, basically anything - avoid just having mid and wide shots.

    Next, be aware that the Osmo will stabilize movement, not eliminate it. The shots where you are walking with the camera still go up and down as you walk. It'sjust a bit smoother than if you didn't have stabilization. So it's like we're on a small boat rather than walking, but still a bit nauseating. The beauty of this camera is that it's 4K so you could edit it in post (with the right software) to eliminate the unwanted up/down movement and have a great 1080P film without losing any quality (the Osmo element of this is it will have eliminated virtually all of the motion blur caused by your walking movement)

    Editing; Heavy contrast, crushed black and oversaturated colours makes for an interesting look - almost like a comic book. If thats' what you'r going for then you've achieved it. It's certainly stylised and reasonably consistent.
    More generally, there is no real story here. The film flits about between one shot and another, often repeating similar shots to those shown before. There's no motivation between the cuts or the choices of which shot follows which. The film could start and stop at any point. In other words there's no structure to it. Now, if it's just a selection of shots as a trial that's OK but it's not really giving you a chance to practice any editing skills.
    Apart from that I found one cut particularl jarring - at 0:34 we move from a shot where the camera is moving formards into the shot to shot hwre it's moving out of the shot. In the right circumstances I think this could be very effective (eg in a chase sequence) so long as there is an immediately recognisable landmark in both shots, but here it just felt a bit awkward.

    If this comes across as negative, i apologise. The fact you are asking for comments here suggests you are willing to learn and my comments are intended to suggest areas you might look at.

    At the risk of repeating yself, i'd say the most important thing for you to look at is who your audience is and what story do you want to tell them - what journey (possibly literal, but more likely emotional) you want to take them on. This should help clarify in your mind the types of shots you need and how you might approach the edit.

    Good luck. Enjoy your journey into film making.

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