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Thread: DV Transfer from DV to Digital 8

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    Default DV Transfer from DV to Digital 8

    In order to archive my footage I need to transfer my DV tape footage to Ditigal 8. I am trying to directly connect my dv camcorder to my digital 8 one via 4 pin firewire cable but they will not communicate. Is it possible this way and if so - how?
    Andy Holland

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    Just curious. Why DV to Digital8? With DV being the more rcent technology, I'd have thought archiving would be more appropriate in this format?

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    With quite a few digital8 tapes and no use for them i thought that i may as well archive the footage on these tapes using older equipment whilst digtally (firewire) transfering them from the newer dv tapes. But am having problems with the cable (i presume) 4 pin-4pin via direct camcorder link - is this a known problem or is it something to do with power through the leads etc?
    Andy Holland

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    As long as your digital8 is DVin enabled, it should be no problem. Your manual should explain all in the digital dubbing section.

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    Well I have this funny feeling, that the D8 camcorder doesn't have a DV-in function (remember Sony designed them as entry-level digital devices, about as low as they could have gone just to be digital)... or at least it's not enabled and you'll have to hack it.

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