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Thread: Can I change background colours as you would green-screen?

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    Default Can I change background colours as you would green-screen?

    I'm new to video editing, but using PS for twenty years, I kinda 'get by' in Photoshop.

    My question: Using this stock footage:

    Am I going to be able to edit this footage such that:

    1) The now white background is yellow. Thus, the effect appears as yellow liquid with blue ink?
    2) The Yellow becomes blue as the ink spreads.
    3) Hence all white is removed?

    The colour i want changed is white and non-moving.

    This'd be quite a job in PS, I know green-screen would work, but this is white! Better than me could do it. Is it possible in this footage or am I going to have to forget buying stock footage, and shoot my own for real?
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    Interesting problem.
    I've had a play with it, trying various luminace keys and got nowhere.
    Then I tried inverting the image and using demult on that (which replaces black with alpha) and using that composite as a matte for the proper image - some success but certainly not good enough.
    I think the issue is that whatever is very nearly white will always look very nearly white, rather than the colour you want underneath.
    I'm not saying it can't be done, just I've tried and failed!

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    Thank you for your efforts. I had an idea this would be quite dicey to do. I am not sure I could do a truly decent job of it as a still, let be video. But then I'm an amateur. I'll have to do my own shoot, which pressnts a different problem! Thanks again.
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