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Thread: Compact camera: 4k, large sensor

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    Default Compact camera: 4k, large sensor

    I'm looking for recommendations on the largest sensor on a compact 4k camera. Even a sports camera if someone makes one with a 1" or bigger. I thought by now that should exist, but I'm not finding a lot of options.

    It is not always convenient to carry a DSLR. The larger the body the bigger the accessories. Sometimes something simple wins, even a phone. But I'm constantly disappointed with the footage I get out of my Galaxy phone. It's hard to expect more out of a tiny sensor.

    Advantages of a compact design:
    - Easier to use. Few controls to fiddle with, would be designed to use in auto mode
    - Smaller body, easier to keep around, goes on a small gimbal
    - Smaller/simpler lens, should allow for faster focusing and better integration into the body

    I'm thinking my best bet in this realm is something like a large sensor point-and-shoot. Ideally a 4/3 sensor with a built-in 3x zoom lens for a bit of versatility.

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    Sony RX100 of some flavour. 1" sensor and possibly too basic. Also very limited recording time in 4K (5mins initially which reduces with constant restarting). Depends what you're sahooting.

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    I took a look. It's an impressive camera. As usual with these models, Sony sacrifices what could have been an amazing feature set in exchange for a very small body. The overheating is what keeps it from going past 5 mins (or worse if shooting for long periods or in hot weather), and the video autofocus is slow, a problem that already causes me struggle with my gear. I think perhaps the next one will hit it out of the park.

    Overall it seems that technology is not yet as far along as I had hoped for the compact models and action cameras. Maybe next year.
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