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Thread: YouTUbe lowers the quality of my videos

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    Question YouTUbe lowers the quality of my videos

    Hi guys. I started YouTube not a long time ago, and I have ongoing issue.
    I don't know why, but YT cuts the quality of my videos, makes them blurry and greyish.
    There's 2 screenshots. 1st is from my video on my pc. 2nd one is from YT (1080p)

    #1 - IRzbduF7zag.jpg
    #2 - RlKOUqRUNPo.jpg

    My recording (OBS) and rendering (Vegas) settings

    What am I doing wrong?

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    This is very interesting.

    To my eye, whatever is happening, it doesn't look like the quality (pixel for pixel) has been reduced, more like it has been applied with a contrast-reduction filter. In other words, it is trying to make the blacks less black (more gray) and the whites less white (more gray).

    However, I didn't know of YT doing that. I wonder if that's something in your settings? It could also be the way YT interprets a particular file encoding.

    This might seem obvious, but for clarity: can you confirm that your exported videos don't have that gray layer before you upload to YT? So 100% certainty that it is YT doing it?

    If so, perhaps try to export only a few seconds using various different formats, to see if you can find one that agrees with YT better.

    Related topic that might help:

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    It happens and you need to check the in setting section of YouTube before uploading the videos. I have the same problem when I upload videos on YT

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    Thank you for the answer. And thank for the link! I saw it just today but applied the same solution (from my reddit friend) and it works now.
    'Computer RGB to Studio RGB'

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    i am also facing this issue when ever i am uploading my recorded shaadi (Marriage) videos on my channel

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    Thanks for posting. On the face of it this seems counter to what one might expect, but if it works....

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    Could the problem itself perhaps be the bit depth...maybe YT doesn't support 12bit colours so it dumbs it down to the default 8bit resulting in a more washed out look...
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