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    Can someone tell me how can one make an intro like this? Is it made from Pr or Ae? If yes, how can I make it?

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    can be made in either. just apply a heavy blur and scale up to the beat while you keyframe the blur back to normal focus. All the graphic elements can be done with shapes.
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    May I ask how can the ink-like circle be drawn as in the beginning of the video?

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    There's a few ways but what I'd do and which is likely to be the easiest is:
    Find the illustration of a circle and use "write on" effect. You can find plenty of tutorials for that both for after effects as well as premiere.

    If you don't need it to be too realistic you can also simply use a radial wipe by the way.
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    I know how to animate the circle so that it draws itself, but is there a method to make the circle look like it's drawn from ink (uneven width, wider drawing know what i mean) as like in the video? I still haven't figured out how to do that.

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    Add the same circle as a second layer on top of the first that's just a little scaled up or has a little bit of a stroke or blur to it where you do the same reveal but this time only a small part so you also animate it closed again a few frames after. That way it should look like the example following the width of the irregular circle. You'll have to check which method gives a more satisfying result.
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    How about using a particle effect?
    To get the variety in the width of the line vary the size of the particles or possibly the number.
    To get the leading "blob" vary the size over time.

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