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Thread: New Band - Live Performance Video

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    I think all of your suggestions would make a better video overall. But for selling a band to venue talent buyers it kind of is about just capturing what happened. The dreaded cell phone video actually works well enough for that, but they're pretty awful to watch (or listen to) beyond that. That's kind of my market position, better than cell phone videos and more affordable than a "real" video production. I don't really want to get mired in staging stuff or directing, just show up and capture, go home and edit. I've learned to stick with what I'm good at and not take on too much beyond that. When a band outgrows what I do I refer them to others who do what you're suggesting.

    Funny thing, the first song of the set had much better lights until the sound guy got the mix sorted, then he started fooling with the lights.

    I am looking forward to getting into some other venues where the lights are more sensible.

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    I'd like to say that I actually had less of a problem with the lighting situation, the noise in the zooms, etc. It's not great but for some reason it all makes sense, it's a dark environment and this is a low-budget production which to me it means lesser sharpness but not necessarily less entertainment.

    For me, editing could have tied a lot of this together more closely. You gave yourself multiple camera angles, and some of those probably can do 4k. Bare minimum, you can use the 1080 footage and export at 720 to give yourself movement/panning room.

    So in short, with the exact same footage, and even not bothered that the audio feed is not the best, if this video was edited using a 2-4 sec rule, and most shots were not static but moved/panned at editing, I think the whole thing goes up a notch in entertainment value. Keep in mind that you can direct with editing. Say, whenever the lead singer is not standing in a charismatic way, you cut to the guitar guy making a face, etc.

    So between adding movement, trying to add energy with the shot choices, and cutting faster, this could be a perfectly passable early MTV-type video (sans cheap fades):

    Also, for the bonus personal opinion - as a viewer, I think that I don't need to see if the audience is enjoying it to tell if the performance is engaging. But unless you got Freddy Mercury up there, then the editing can probably sell it way more than the actual performers will in this type of situation. In great deal because you get to direct from the editing room.

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    Interesting. I don't have any 4k cameras so it would have to be done with 1920x1080 source. I've done zooms in post before but there is a loss, so I tend to avoid it unless it's necessary. The edits are already somewhat determined by what I don't want to show, though the performance also spurs edits in a more positive way. Maybe I could add another close shot or two to give me more options, and/or add a 4k camera for pan and zoom in post.

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    Hm, I just took a look at The Last Waltz. Lots of 10-30 second shots, some moving, some fairly static.

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    For clarity, I wasn't suggesting that in the 70's music videos were cut fast.

    I was saying that a few decades back, videos had comparatively lesser image quality, and also simpler performances. We can still enjoy some of that today. Even with more noise, poorer lighting, static performances and next to no choreography.

    Additionally I meant to say that if you want to control the energy of a music video, direct it in the editing room, then cutting faster is an important tool at your disposal.

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    This does not sell the band to me. The audio is not great the playing a little loose to say the least and as we're all aware the lighting less than ideal. The singer's vocal performance is great and just about saves the show.

    You need to get in tight... the singer is a great performer and im sure shed play up to the camera. im going with Tims suggestion... get in a smaller space/studio and get in close.

    edit: check these out, amazingly talented Rachel K Collier performing in a living room ?
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    Venue bookers want to see bands in venues. Staged performances don't give them the same confidence in the band.

    I have multitrack audio from the board which I'll use for the final cut.

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