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Thread: 9 Must Do's in Thailand

  1. Cool 9 Must Do's in Thailand

    Here's my latest video. I tried some different color grading this time. Not too happy with the GoPro shots color. If anyone has a suggestions on how to make the gopro look better I'm open to suggestions. Also let me know what you think of the video as well. Thanks again for everyone's input.

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    Another good piece. really feel like we're getting to know you guys.
    Personally I didn't like the grading - I found it all rather too dark and preferred the more natural feel of your previous vids. Maybe just moving the gamma point up a bit (shifting the mids a bit brighter and stretching the darks) would improve it. But that might be just me.
    As usual a nice mix of shots although some detailed close-ups might add a bit more to it. The fact the aerial shots are used so sparingly makes them all the more effective.
    Narration is good. Always has something to say. Never over emphasises anything. No wated sentences. But relaxed and natural at the same time.

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    I agree I really don't like the color grading but I got so frustrated with the program I was using to edit and gave up. I have recently upgraded to Adobe Premiere Pro which seems to not take forever to do anything. Thanks for you continued support on my videos, I really appreciate it.

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